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Character Corner is the home for homeschool help - in Woodstock GA 
Looking for Homeschool accreditation? Homeschool athletics? JROTC for homeschool? Homeschool tutors?
- check out these sites:

The Noah Webster Center for Independent Studies is an accreditation center offering a program designed to assist homeschooling parents and their students prepare for college. The Noah Webster Center is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission, providing professional recognition for the education earned in home study, and is located in Woodstock, GA to serve the homeschool community in the surrounding area.

Crown Athletics  is a not-for-profit organization created for the benefit of home educated students living in the north metro area of Atlanta, Georgia who are interested in participating in competitive athletics.

The JROTC program at The King's Academy in Woodstock GA is the nation's first JROTC program for home educated students.  The United States Army Junior Reserve Officer’s Training program seeks to train students to develop integrity and character and prepares them to become productive citizens and leaders in the community.  It is NOT a recruitment program! The curriculum is designed for both civilian and military-minded male and female high school students.  The TKA JROTC welcomes home educated high school students from all around the area to join!


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